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Termite Proof Services

Protecting the Value & Integrity of Your Home.

Termites access your home through small cracks and crevices along the exterior of your home. If not maintains properly, termites may infest your home making entry along the crevices and cracks of your home. This can cause serious damage to your home, reducing the overall value, not to mention wreak havoc for the inhabitants.  Jett Termite Proof Treatment is designed to eliminate termites from accessing your home, townhouse, condo, or your office building. Our Termite Proof Treatment technology is made exclusively by us, so no other termite treatment company can provide you the results that we guarantee. This technology places us light years ahead of our competitors.

Most termite treatment companies treat your home on a “as needed basis”, meaning they wait until your home is re-infested after the initial treatment to come back for another treatment. The problem with this approach is that although they may not be charging you for the “re-treatment”, the damage to your home’s foundational structures will be an out of pocket cost for you. The damage that occurs even from mild re-infestations can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a short amount of time.

Our proactive approach keeps your home TERMITE PROOF. We monitor and treat proactively, before visible signs of re-infestation are present. Our proactive approach, state of the art exclusive technology and specialization in treating only termites is what allows us to offer such bold guarantees. We stand behind every home we treat.